Inheritance taxes explained

Reduce inheritance taxes by giving gifts!

The inheritance tax is the same thing as the estate tax in the United States, but with a different name depending on the country that you are talking about. The inheritance tax is a tax that is supposed to be levied on the richest people after they die, especially if they have a considerably large estate at that point in time. However, this is not always the case, and in fact, a lot of people find that they are being forced to pay an inheritance tax even though they do not have a particularly large estate. The reason for this is that housing costs continue to increase – and since your house is considered to be one of your assets, it is included in your estate.

The inheritance tax is considered by some people to be a highly unfair tax due to the fact that the people who owned the estate had already paid their taxes before death. However, the inheritance tax is still in effect, and it can cost anywhere between forty and fifty percent of your estate over a certain maximum amount. Depending on where you are, that amount will change. Essentially, anybody who has more than that base amount in their estate will be charged 40-50% of any assets that they owned over that amount.

One thing that you can do in order to reduce the amount of inheritance tax you end up paying is to check and see if there are any loopholes in the tax law that you can use to your own advantage. One thing that you should consider, for instance, is that some countries will allow you to give a large amount of money to a family member or survivor tax free. If there is anybody who you would like to have inherit a large monetary gift, then you should definitely consider doing this before you die.

This might even reduce the total amount of your estate to the point where you will not have to pay any inheritance taxes at all. This also goes for gifts. It is possible to give gifts to as many people as you would like before you die, just so long as the total value of each gift does not exceed a certain amount.

By planning ahead and making gifts, you should be able to reduce the amount of inheritance taxes that your estate will owe after your death.

Credit card rebates and rewards

Rebate credit cards are a great favorite among consumers whereby you can get great discounts whenever you use your rebate credit card to purchase any kind of items. Credit card rebates are similar to cash back credit cards that could accumulate points to form a rebate structure. These are based upon how much the card is used for a period of time and also depending upon the different kinds of rebates and promotional offers that are awarded on the rebate credit cards in question.

Typical credit card rebate includes entertainment rebates, stores discounts for specialty store cards. Some credit card rebates require annual fees depending upon the card providers. You should pay attention towards the comparison of annual fees and interests before you arrive at a decision for a particular rebate credit card. The more you use the cards, the better rebates and cash rewards you get. You need to keep in mind that these rebates exclude interest and finance charges. Some reward credit cards also offer higher credit card rebate with increased usage while others offer higher credit card rebates.

You can earn credit card rebates in many different ways right from your everyday grocery shopping to the purchase the latest fashion or even you can link your credit cards with other cards. These credit card rebates have also few strings attached and offer appreciable savings with an average credit score. Some credit cards directly deposit rebates into your savings account and depending on the types of the credit cards and the varying credit providers, this rebate amount differs.

You should keep in mind that the average APR depends much upon your credit history and unless you maintain a good credit history by paying your bills each month, you may also end up by spending your credit card rebate and some higher interest costs. Try to understand the limits on how much rebate you can get back from your credit cards annually. Most credit cards require you to go by primary policies of the credit card that you apply for. The credit card companies spend millions in marketing efforts so as to get new customers so you can take good advantage of the competition by shopping around for the best interest rate in the credit card rebates.

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Fast Unsecured Loans

How to Make it Snappy with Fast Unsecured Loans

If you are looking to take out a loan quickly and lets face it we all want to move quickly when it comes to borrowing then your fastest route to a quick loan may well be an unsecured product. These loans are being taken out by UK consumers more and more frequently nowadays as they are simple to arrange and can be given out quickly and with minimum hassle.

The fact is that it is incredibly simple to arrange fast unsecured loans nowadays as the lending sector is packed full of different loan types and deals. These kinds of loans are easy and quick to arrange simply because they dont need any form of security. This gives them the added advantage of being available to all borrowers unlike secured loans which are reserved for property owners.

So, if you need to take out a loan fast then an unsecured loan may be your best choice at the moment. The fact that you dont need any security (such as a property) behind you to arrange this kind of loan means that there is less checking and paperwork involved for your lender. So, they can give you your approval extremely quickly as all theyll need to do is to check your financial situation and history to check youre good for the money before they say yes. And, its even possible to arrange fast unsecured loans nowadays that dont need a credit check although you will pay higher interest rates for this kind of package in the majority of cases.

In fact, if you apply for your fast unsecured loans online then you can even speed up the process more. You may already know that many online lenders claim that they can give you instant approval and this really is true. If you apply over the Internet then all youll need to do is to fill in an online application form which can then be processed immediately so you could have a decision on the spot all for a couple of minutes of typing!

One thing worth noting before you apply for any fast unsecured loans deal is to make sure that you have done some shopping around before you buy. Unsecured loans sometimes have higher rates than secured ones but its perfectly possible to find comparably good interest rates and deals if you shop around a little. If you do this then youll also make sure that you keep your costs as low as possible. And, if you use the Internet again to compare rates, then you wont need to hold up the process at all itll only take a couple of minutes to compare the right deals online.

Excessive Bank Account And Credit Card Charges Attacked As Unfair

Excessive Bank Account And Credit Card Charges Attacked As Unfair And Possibly Illegal

One missed credit card payment, or going overdrawn without permission, and suddenly a 30 charge can be incurred. Bank charges can seem unfair and too harsh given the frequently tiny amounts of unauthorized borrowing involved. Now it seems that the law could be in agreement.

Following on from an investigation launched in October 2003, eight major credit card companies were told in July 05 by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) that the charges they levy for late payments were “disproportionately high”, and that charges need to be adjusted to better reflect the costs of managing late payment. Throughout the investigation, the credit card firms continued to maintain that the late payment charges they imposed were fair.

The legality of these charges are being questioned by a Scottish law firm, supported by the Scottish Citizens Advice, who are encouraging consumers to challenge the right of banks to charge such high penalty fees. With current high street credit card typical APRs ranging from 5.9% to 29.9% this is up to 25.4% points above the present 4.5% Bank of England base rate, and banks cutting the interest rates on current and savings accounts, many consumers see the levels of the bank charges as an additional means of revenue generation by the banks through excessive penalization of consumers beyond the actual costs involved.

“The law says if someone breaches their contract, for example you go over your overdraft without permission, the bank is only entitled to recover its actual loss,” Mike Dailly, Principal Solicitor at the Govan Law Centre told BBC Money Box, “If you get an automated letter from your bank for going over your limit, that costs about 50p. So why should someone get a 36 letter for that transaction?”.

In a previous press release, the OFT stated that it, considers that, in a consumer contract, a default charge is likely to be disproportionately high if it is more than a genuine pre-estimate of the damages that the card issuer would win in court if it sued the cardholder for breach of contract.

A representative of the British Banker’s Association told the BBC that the banks were not charging customers more than the actual cost, citing that the charges were to cover additional costs incurred due to a need for human intervention, to extract the item from the day’s work, to research the customer’s recent credit profile, and then a managerial decision as to whether to return the unpaid item.

The Glasgow based Law firm states that, The legality of bank charges has yet to be ruled on by a senior UK court but these will not be enforced if they are found to be ‘penalty’ or ‘unfair’ charges. Until a final ruling is made by the courts, they have drawn up a letter citing both Scottish and English case law along with the regulations which apply throughout the UK to help customers get their charges refunded.


All information contained in this article, is for general information purposes only and should not be construed as advice under the Financial Services Act 1986. You are strongly advised to take appropriate professional and legal advice before entering into any binding contracts.

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Credit Card Debt Help

Million of people seek relief from the burdon of credit card debt. Lots of options are available, but if your the one seeking credit card debt relief, you already under pressure. Its difficult enough to deal with the problem without the additional stress of sorting through all the available debt relief choices.

Once you come to the realization that you need to reduce and eliminate debt, the next step is to find the right solution for you. The solution that eliminates debt quickly and has the best chance of rapid credit recovery after you get out of debt.

Debt consolidation is an option. This credit card debt relief is achieved in one of two ways. Either you work with a consolidation company who contacts all of your creditors for you. They make the arrangement, they collect a payment from you, they dissementate the payment to your assorted creditors.

The problem with most of these companies is that they charge huge fees. Many times the first few payments just pay the consolidation company without reducing any of your debt. The calls continue, they debts remain unpaid and you feel ripped off.

The second way to consolidate debt is to take out a loan against a secured asset, like your home. There are a number of problems with this idea. You really need to consider the long term consequences. What was an unsecured credit card debt that you were having difficulty paying, is now a debt against a secured asset. Can you pay the increased mortgage? Can you pay it off quickly? Remember the debt isn’t gone, its just part of your mortgage now. Do you still have the credit cards? Will you run the credit cards back up? Will you be able to continue to pay the higher mortgage plus the increasing credit card bills? And lasly, will you just end up in the same situation in the future?

Both of these options have fairly ominous consequences.

The other option for credit card debt relief is debt negotiation and settlement. There are few negatives to this solution since you pay the debt as a part of a settlement that you have made with the creditor or collection agency.

With this method, you negotiate a settlement amount, in writing. You pay the debt following the rules of the agreement, and within the law to make sure that the debt is in fact gone forever. During the negotiation you make arrangements for what will be reported on your credit report after the debt is paid.

Settlement is made at as little as 30% of the original debt, but usually closer to 60%. This means that if you have a 10,000 dollar credit card debt, you save $4000.00 dollars. In addition, you have a little control over how they payment is reported to the credit bureaus.

The best thing to do initially is look at the available options. Give yourself an education in the process, and then get to work on getting rid of the debt. If you looking for relief from credit card debt, the best time to start is now.

4 Ways To Finance That Renovation

So you have finally purchased that 19th century farm house that you have always pictured yourself living in the problem is how do you finance the restoration? It is easy to get mortgages for the value of the home even a little extra if you have a good credit rating but today a renovation can cost more than the original purchase price of the property.

The first option s to look at your available assets. You can get a home equity loan if there is any equity in your house. Use your credit cards for short term renovation or borrow money from your parents these ideas are only usable in a short term renovation once the renovations completed you should be able to refinance your home and pay of the relatives, high interest credit cards and roll your home equity loan into your mortgage.

You may be able to get a line of credit a line of credit is usually easy to get up to $30,000.00 with out much effort and with a minimal amount of paperwork these lines of credit are good for short term renovation that are under the $100,000.00 dollar mark. The interest rates tend to be on the high side but you can draw out the money as you need it and only pay interest on the cash that has been withdrawn and again once the renovation is completed you can refinance and pay of the line of credit and combine all your loans in the mortgage.

Depending on the scope of your renovation you may be eligible for store loans and credit card offers. Many home stores now have their own credit cards they offer deal such as interest free credit for one year you may be able negotiate a longer term. The important thing here is to pay off the loan/credit card prior to the free period expiring otherwise the interest will revert back to the initial purchase. Some stores will also offer you a interest free construction loan for your project the terms of these construction loans vary from store to store read the fine print carefully like the credit card deals these usually have a time limit. Again one the renovation is completed you can refinance and pay off the loan avoiding high interest dept.

Construction loans are generally reserved for larger projects this kind of loan is a short term loan the money can be taken as needed and interest is paid on the money that has been taken out. Almost everyone now offers construction loans this completion has brought the costs of these loans down. The nice thing about construction loans is that you can withdraw the money as you need it once the renovation is done you can refinance and have one closing and one mortgage. One thing you should keep in mind when shopping for a construction loan is the fees and finance charges as always keep an eye on the fine print for hidden charges.